Is Your Weight Unhealthy Or Unwanted?

Having trouble losing weight and yet no energy to work out? Weight gain can be one of the symptoms of low testosterone. Most of us know what a critical role testosterone plays in the physical development of men. From building muscles to growing hair on your face. Low testosterone has been linked to everything from low energy and weight gain. There are many reasons why it is important to maintain a healthy weight throughout your lifetime. Most important among these is the fact that weight tends to be a visible sign of stress and inflammation in the body. Extra fat could be a warning for very serious issues including cardiovascular disease, clogged arteries, diabetes and many other problems. As you age, the costs of treating these issues can seriously affect an adult's quality of life and finances.

Are You Experiencing These Symptoms?
  • Increased fatty tissue around the mid-section
  • Extra or loosening skin in areas that were previously tight
  • Areas of muscle being replaced by fat
  • Diminished muscle tone in the legs, chest, arms and back

The good news is that men who become members at 25 Again are able to fight weight gain effectively in a variety of ways. Our medical experts work to quickly assess diet, activity and hormonal imbalances that could be causing weight gain to occur. Many of our male patients begin seeing dramatic changes in their within a few short months or even weeks.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms know that it’s treatable. With the help of 25 Again team, weight gain can be reversed and the causes of weight gain will decrease and often disappear. This allows you to feel better about your appearance, be more confident and more energetic.

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